Policy & Projects

Policy & Projects

RACE for 2030 CRC

Accelerating the transition to Reliable, Affordable, Clean Energy for 2030

The Reliable, Affordable, Clean Energy (RACE) for 2030 Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) exists to catalyse lower energy costs and a substantial reduction in carbon emissions.

The research is organised in four programs:

RACE’s research learnings will be driven into the market through market transformation programs to deliver the targets of reducing energy costs, cutting carbon emissions and increasing customer load flexibility to allow increased penetration of renewables in the grid and increased reliability.

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RACE for 2030 and the Energy Efficiency Council

The Energy Efficiency Council is an active partner of the RACE for 2030 CRC, leading and supporting a number of projects, particularly in the RACE for Everyone program. Particular projects include:

RACE B4 flexible demand opportunity assessment

This opportunity assessment identified the largely untapped potential for low-cost flexible demand across industrial and commercial energy end-use applications, however there are a number of barriers and research gaps impeding uptake. The OA has outlined three streams of priority research to guide future research including strategic barriers and solutions, sectoral transformation pathways, and industry partner enablement.

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Read the full report here.

RACE E3 developing the future energy workforce opportunity assessment

The opportunity assessment on developing the future energy workforce undertaken for the RACE for 2030 describes a pathway to understanding the present and future energy workforce and ensuring that the required skills, training and innovation pathways are available to maximise the jobs and opportunities created for Australia.

The opportunity assessment includes a research roadmap for the duration of RACE for 2030 that specifies priority research projects for developing the future energy workforce.

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Read the full report here.

To learn more, please contact Holly Taylor, Head of Projects, on holly.taylor@eec.org.au.