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Policy & Projects

Smart energy management in government operations

Strengthening budgets | slashing emissions

December 2021

All levels of government have significant property holdings, with state and territory governments having particularly large assets. Governments own and occupy over 25 per cent of the commercial building stock in Australia, including schools and hospitals, and run energy-intensive facilities such as water supply and treatment facilities. Consequently, governments use a huge amount of energy.

Better energy management can reduce energy use in facilities by 50 per cent or more, with very significant impacts on both government budgets and policy goals. This document provides guidance for federal, state and local governments on how to manage energy use in their own operations. 

The guide encourages governments to implement and scale up centralised, whole-of-government energy management programs as a critical first step towards decarbonisation.
Download the guide here.

The Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC), the Energy Efficiency Council (EEC), the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the Property Council of Australia gratefully acknowledge the many organisations and individuals that contributed to the development of this report.



 For more information, contact Julianne Tice, Senior Project Officer, at julianne.tice@eec.org.au